Jobs for January

Kitchen Garden
Start sowing tomato seeds for the greenhouse
Prune apple and pear trees, gooseberries and currants
Force rhubarb by placing a pot, bucket or old dustbin over the crown
Dig over vacant vegetable patch, adding organic matter and cover with polythene to warm soil for early sowing 
Protect peach and apricot trees to help prevent peach leaf curl, spray with a traditional copper fungicide if necessary
Flower Garden
Sow sweet peas seeds
Cut back ornamental grasses
Lift and divide perennials in mild areas
Take root cuttings of phlox, papaver, verbascum and acanthus
Plant climbers
Check bulbs, corms and tubers in store
Weed beds and borders ready for an early spring mulch

Do not walk on waterlogged or frozen lawns
Re-cut lawn edges and fill in turf edges for a crisp finish
Service lawnmower
Brush off any fallen leaves or twigs
Give a first dressing of bonemeal 

 Gardening will be very much dependent on the weather in your area with the timings given as a guide only