October gardening jobs for the month

Our handy guide to gardening jobs for the month of October. Please note gardening will be very much dependent on the weather in your area with the timings given as a guide only.

Kitchen Garden

  • Check stakes on fruit trees and ties are not too tight
  • Cut out fruited raspberry canes and tie in new ones
  • Order and plant new fruit trees and bushes
  • Take hardwood cuttings from currants and gooseberries
  • Plant winter lettuces in cloches
  • Stake large brussel sprouts in exposed sites
  • Cut down and remove foliage of asparagus
  • Sow overwintering onions and garlic

Flower Garden

  • Clear summer bedding from beds and pots and compost
  • Plant out wallflowers and sweet williams
  • Continue planting spring bulbs
  • Dig up and store dahlias tubers and gladiolus corms
  • Protect tender plants like gunnera and tree ferns etc
  • Plant herbaceous perennials in light soils


  • Continue laying lawns if weather permits
  • Rake leaves from lawns and compost
  • Scarify the lawn if not done in September
  • Avoid mowing very wet grass; if dry set blades high before cutting