June gardening jobs for the month

Our handy guide to gardening jobs for the month of June. Please note gardening will be very much dependent on the weather in your area with the timings given as a guide only.

Kitchen Garden

  • Sow sweet corn outdoors in mild areas 
  • Most vegetables can be grown now without protection 
  • Make successional sowings of crops such as beetroot, carrots, lettuces and turnips
  • Plant maincrop potatoes
  • Watch for aphids on crops and spray where necessary

Flower Garden

  • Deadhead border plants regularly to promote more flowering
  • Finish planting up containers and hanging baskets
  • Feed plants with a liquid fertiliser
  • Keep plants well watered during dry weather
  • Sow hardy annuals directly to the soil
  • Plant perennials while in flower to add a splash of colour to dull areas


  • Continue to lay turf, but keep well watered in dry weather
  • Sow new lawns or repair patches with grass seed
  • Cut grass regularly in dry weather
  • Apply a liquid fertiliser to keep your lawn looking green
  • Spot weed any perennial weeks that may appear, like dandelions