July gardening jobs for the month

Our handy guide to gardening jobs for the month of July. Please note gardening will be very much dependent on the weather in your area with the timings given as a guide only.

Kitchen Garden

  • Water crops thoroughly in dry spells
  • Net strawberries and raspberries to protect from birds
  • Thin out fruits on trained fruit trees
  • Plant out winter maturing cabbages
  • Plant out leeks raised from spring sowing
  • Thin vegetable seedlings to stop overcrowding ie carrots
  • Continue to remove side shoots on tomatoes and male flowers on cucumbers
  • Spray peaches and nectarines with tepid water every day
  • Feed all vegetables in the greenhouse with a liquid fertiliser once a week

Flower Garden

  • Deadhead faded flowers regularly
  • Sprinkle fertilizer around perennials and shrubs and hoe in (Growmore)
  • Shorten shoots of wisteria to 30cm
  • Thin out the shoots of clematis montana if required
  • Water hanging baskets and tubs daily
  • Take semi-ripe cuttings of shrubs


  • Raise the cutting height of your mower to 2.5cm in dry weather
  • Irrigate lawns if possible in dry weather
  • Apply a liquid fertiliser in damp weather to give a boost