Grow your own - Herbs for Cooking

It is amazing how many people grow herbs. Herbs are grown to be eaten fresh, dried, frozen, used for aromatherapy, to flavour drinks and much more. At Laurel Farm we have a large range of Herb Plants and seeds for your garden.

Growing herbs can be very satisfying because they grow so quickly. The main problem many new gardeners face, is knowing what to plant and what not to.

You should not try and grow every herb at once, but to select about 6 of your favourites and just concentrate on those until you feel more confident. Some of the hardy popular varieties include thyme, parsley, coriander, oregano, and mint.

Most herbs like a lot of sunshine, so choose a sunny spot in the garden. Herbs do spread so try and plant them in an area that is restricted by edging or plant in containers. Mint can be very rampant, so it is best to plant it in a pot to stop it taking over the whole garden.

Herbs grow very well in pots either inside or out, so if you do not want to plant them in the garden, inside will be fine. As long as they still get plenty of sunlight they will do well. Every few weeks give them a watering with some liquid fertilizer, but not too much.