April gardening jobs for the month

Our handy guide to gardening jobs for the month of April. Please note gardening will be very much dependent on the weather in your area with the timings given as a guide only.

Kitchen Garden

  • Plant onion sets and seed potatoes
  • Plant out vegetable seedlings such as cabbages
  • Plant new strawberries and cover established strawberries with cloches if you want an early crop
  • Start sowing vegetables without protection
  • Apply fertiliser to fruit bushes, where appropriate
  • Plant up a pot with herbs, ready for summer salads

Flower Garden

  • Feed and mulch beds and borders
  • Plant container-grown trees, shrubs and herbaceous plants
  • Stake herbaceous plants with grow frames and rings.
  • Sow hardy annual seeds
  • Sow bedding plants in seed trays in heated greenhouse or on windowsill
  • Start pricking out early sown bedding plants
  • Plant out autumn-sown sweet pea seedlings 
  • Plant a hedge


  • Apply mosskiller and 'lawn feed and weed'
  • Dig out patches of coarse or resistant weeds
  • Renovate bare patches by over-seeding with lawn seed mixture
  • Sow a new lawn
  • Trim lawn edges with edging iron
  • Mow the lawn, but cut high initially to avoid risk of damage
  • Lay turf in mild areas providing the ground is not frozen or waterlogged